Toxic, fittingly, is the word of the year.  And the Don, its fitting, standard bearer.  For The Don is, as if, a thoroughly modern, Typhoid Mary.

Immune, himself (by the power of Teflon), to the toxin he carries, Don has dispersed his namesake toxin, globally.

President Donald, with the witting, and unwitting assistance from an international media monster has globally dispersed his namesake, toxin.

Now pandemic, the toxin is infecting every man, woman and child. Increasingly … people lie. FEAR: THE DON TOXIN!

Fear, indeed, the Don toxin. But fear it not, unduly. For fear is good, evolutionarily.  Treat fear like medicine.  Healthy, in small doses. Like the small doses one

gets from the truths spoken on Urantia’s Luna by lying Don and his lying brethren, Earthmen.

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