More importantly (given that the sovereigns shall not negotiate away their sovereignty)

why not then, tweet directly to sovereigns, on sovereignty?

On tweaking twitter-diplomacy: Why is it that Kim and Don only threaten one another?

Their brother Art would have them be brotherly, on Twitter.

To tweak twitter-diplomacy why don’t Kim and Don tweet more sweetly to each other?

Brother Art would have them be, more brotherly, on Twitter.

Chicken, anyone? Donny, the president, ups the ante in sending an armada of warships

in answer to Kim’s threat to nuke cruising American warships.

Enthralled, a planet looks on, oblivious to what’s going on behind scenes, oblivious too

to what’s going on, on stage, oblivious to their humanity too.

To be or not to be?’ Verily, I quote myself, and Hamlet; it is beyond crazy, for these two

opponents, otherwise incommunicado, to fail to Twitter, use.

To be, or not to be?’ I quote myself and Hamlet too. It is beyond crazy for two brothers,

incommunicado, not to Direct Message one another on Twitter.

The Western-educated and American pop culture obsessed Kim, IS really ready to deal

with Don and Art. Last night, Kim told them, “Let’s make a deal.”

Even more enthralled, the very last of the Watchers, Penemue, looked on too. Giver, to

humanity, of poetry, pursuant to plan, he penitently prays to ….

… Allah/God/Jehovah/Yahweh; thanking Him for his part in His story, known, as history;

for Russian ruses are proving proximal, to American, foreign policy.

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