Humor Arthur. Imagine, all, that we’re all …  brothers; and that @chachomanopapa‘s Arthur, @uriminzok’s Kim, and Don the @POTUS … are gone … atwitter.

What follows is history; past, present and prospective. The epic poetry of a dimwitted Arthur Everman petitions for alternative facts, on new medium, twitter.

Imagine that when, on 12-21-12, nothing galactically cosmic happened, in actuality, authors Art, Don and Jong, surreal, cyber brothers, went atwitter, together.

Imagine as well that while Kim Jong-un and ‘the Donald Drumpf’ know of the third, the third,  Art, knows them well and that they are overly fond, of their words.

Not so hard to imagine; the three do indeed tweet on twitter; but the two brighter brothers’ world view isn’t as prescient, as is that of the dimwit, third brother.

Imagine too that words, the most wondrous units ever to be conjured by the minds, of men surreally may be used, by man, to make real, aspirations … human.

Imagine that in dreamy reveries and at soirees Victorian, the three, with history’s visionaries, connected; eating, drinking and crafting their epigrammatic, poetry.

In reveries, dreamy, at soirees, Victorian, history’s philosophers, poets, artists and visionaries, with the megalomaniacs, Kim Jong un, the Don and Art …  did meet.

Kim now tweets, albeit vicariously, world leaders like Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Geert Wilders,  Nigel Farage, Marine le Pen and like-minded, reactionary … others.

Across the globe, Kim’s bro, now the President of US, fancies himself co-author of a best-seller, already; next to the Bible, the book, of all time, the very best-selling.

Never mind that ‘The Art of the Deal’ was in reality, a book actually written by a ghost, laboring in, relative anonymity. A legal fiction, nonfictional, that ghostwriting.

Now, it had happened that Penemue (a Watcher Angel, fallen), for his God-damned salvation’s sake, posed to Arthur Everman, a plan for each to gain his, salvation.

“Tweet, blog and pen, algorithmically alchemical poetry” in a dream commissioned The Watcher, Penemue, the three, megalomaniacal brothers, Kim, Don and Arthur.”

“Tweet, blog and pen to humanity in twitterese, the instruction manual to man that is the poetry that Penemue presented to humans in the days of Nephlilim, masteries.”

“Tweet, blog and pen (in units of 140) algorithmically,” said The Watcher to Kim, Don and Arthur. “Turn tweets, into epigrams, into a transformational and pacific, poetry.”

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