On Pontifex’s Biological Extinction Conference

We have triggered this major extinction event. The question therefore is how to stop it. cc:   @ABC

Extinctions, being irreversible, as threats to civilization are greater than climate change. cc:   @ABC

UN stats: global population increase to come is from 7.4 billion, to 11.2 billion, by 2100. cc:    @ABC

Billions of newbies shall be from Africa where fertility is twice that, the rest of the Earth. cc:    @ABC

Africa’s population is likely to grow from about one billion now to around 4 billion, then. cc:     @ABC

What’s to happen when hundreds of millions of Africans try crossing the Mediterranean? cc:    @ABC

We are wrecking our planet’s life support systems. We have the capability to stop all that. cc:    @ABC

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