@Uriminzok @POTUS and Art:

You lack nothing. Use what I gave you. – God

넌 부족한 게 없어. 내가 준 것을 잘 사용해. – 하나님

Art: I think, He means, @twitter!


@Uriminzok @Xijinping:

Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships. – @MichaelJordan

재능은 게임을 이기게 해주지만 팀워크는 우승을 하게해 준다.

Give peace … a chance.



Trust is like an eraser, it gets smaller and smaller after every mistake.

신뢰는 지우개와 같다. 실수를 할 때 마다 조금씩 조금씩 줄어드니까.

cc:  @CNN@UN

Life is too short to be wasted on hating people.

인생은 사람들을 미워하며 허비하기엔 너무 짧다.

cc: @Khamenei_ir @netanyahu @CNN @UN

@MoveOn @Twitter @GLBLCTZN

Actions speaks louder than words But there comes a time when words

speak clearer than actions.

말보다 행동이 더크게 말하지만 가끔은 말이 행동보다 더 정확하게

말할때도 있다.

Pangaea: 196 nations; 4200 religions; 6500 languages; but what if, to protest,

only one language, #twitter-ese, is best. cc: @uriminzok @POTUS

Verily, there are times when words speak more clearly, than actions. A Watcher

of us summoned … Kim, Don and Arthur. cc: @uriminzok @POTUS

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