Voters of New Hampshire: Since ’52 the NH primary’s importance primarily

lies in media coverage of the half-truths and lies, of candidacies.

Voters of NH: Do not throw out the dirty bath water along with the baby.

Reconsider ye granite Yankees. ‘The Donald’ must be in NH, stymied.

Voters of NH: The two parties (Grand Ol’ and Democratic) are not the parties

of our fathers. Casting lots with a loose cannon seems, deadly.

Voters of NH: No; the former is s not the party of President Abraham Lincoln,

the great emancipator; one of the greatest, of our grand union.

Voters of NH: Nor is the latter the party of Franklin Roosevelt, new deal leader

and John F. Kennedy, a battle-tested and visionary dreamer.

Voters of NH: A nation (and a planet) cry, not for shoot-from-the-hip reactions

from a gossipy war-monger whose claim to fame, is illusion.

Be careful, what you wish for US of America, a black hole head-hole is upon US

and networks are become, the publicists, of a populist.

Head-holes are very often very good things, for our God-given spaces (holes)

for senses, but in elections, there’s no room, for head-holes.

Voters of NH: A race for POTUS is surreal, reality TV; its star, tragi-comically,

neither warrior nor diplomat but an entertainer, un-funny.

Voters of NH: The Donald is in need of sensitivity training. Aspirations as lofty

as running for POTUS require inspiration, not denigration. 

NH voters: Do not be duped by The Donald’s personality. Unquestionably, he

lacks presidential timber; or, rotted is the timber, irreparably.

Voters of NH: So what might the ‘ugliest American’ of all time possibly

do? Bomb the ‘shit’ out of them? That’s no vocabulary for a wannabe!

Voters of NH: Head-hole, for The Donald, seems a good fit, for in between

ears and under restorations, yawns an immense cavity, ne’er seen.

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