On a dialogue with the Islamic State; Abu has delegated to speak, for him,

Daulat Islamiyah, . cc:

Abu has delegated to speak for him, out of concern for the Caliph’s safety,

Daulat Islamiyah, to speak for him. cc:  @ABC                       

Daulat Islamiyah, speaking for Abu, shall tweet with Art first about the Qu’ran’s

verse, V. 2:62. cc:

Art Everman to Daulat Islamiya: “I study Scripture; Old Testament, New Testament

and Qu’ran”. cc:

“I study and relate Scriptures; Abraham’s Old Testament, Jesus’ New Testament

and Muhammad’s, Qu’ran.” cc:

Recapitulation: The Islamic State’s Caliph, al-Bagdadi, delegates Daulat Islamiyah

to dialogue with Arthur … .

On an agenda (predetermined) an Islamic State’s Daulat Islamiyah and Arty

debate Qu’ranic verses V. 2:62, V. 17:33, V. 17;23-38 and V. 42:40.

Before debating Qu’ranic verses V. 2:62, V. 17:33, V. 17:23-38 and V. 42:40,

Art asks, “Isn’t IS … more about power … than religiosity?”

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