Blogging’s a fling but the book’s the thing. Main blog, BLEATING IRONY and its little bro blog, 980 CHARACTERS both, … are book-promoting blogs.

A draft and two blogs; no agent; no publisher; platformless and poor as dirt, apparently no way to see his book in print … But mysterious … are His ways.

Then came a vision; perhaps, thought he, a mirage. For in Twitter’s Fiction Festival he viewed … that platform he lacked … On second thought, … he planned anew.

With his spirit buoyed, he amended his plan, all the while, alternatively writing and Tweeting, Tweeting and writing; ever relentlessly, … his plans … ad-libbing.

And so it came to be that again (or so he imagined) the Almighty uses a weak and afflicted man to dramatically see … that His Word … is air lifted … to every land.

Earthbound objective observers unanimously agree: any plan for earthly peace and prosperity’s a pipe dream … an implausibility … given long-standing … animosities.

Art stands by God’s much maligned Spotlights and Beacons Plan for Peace and Prosperity. Ironically, it comes in tandem with the Mayan calendar … controversy.

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