“The die is cast. Minds, made up, already. If that’s the case, Friday could give my Republicans the chance to show they have 51

votes against further testimony and evidence. That would seal the deal for me, allowing me to continue my work as a chosen one.”

”And that would be bittersweet. Sweet in that I end up being, as I long suspected, a chosen one, embittered somewhat, by the wisdom

that that only makes me, mysteriously, just like everybody else. I am the champion of men. I’ve got the backs of the poor in wisdom.”

“On the backs of the poor, I am planning on cutting federal health care spending. And albeit I can’t just say it, I’m a big believer in

Darwin’s survival of the fittest. It’s counterproductive to assist the needy if assisting them runs counter, to natural, selection.”

“Still, I fear we celebrate too early. I hear John’s privately urging the Dems to probe my handling of Ukraine shortly after a departure

from the White House. Recall after all that the funds were released, just one day after his sudden and unexpected, departure.

“Indeed I fear we’re counting our chicks before they’ve hatched. I hear John’s privately urging the Dems to probe my actions

immediately following his departure from the White House. Funds released just one day after a sudden and … unexpected, reaction.”

“I fear a disgruntled John following his less than amicable departure from my White House. He’s got a reputation as a deadly,

close quarters, knife fighter. I’m afraid he won’t be dismissed as easily, as an anti-Trumpian presidential, impeachment inquiry.”

“Alan says that whatever I do in pursuit of re-election, being inherently in the public’s interest ought be OK by US, constitutionally.

The moment’s crystallized fears among some of executive power overreach and creeping, rushing, presidential, autocracy.”

“I’ve got Mitch and I’ve got my senators on front lines, fighting for US. And I’ve got Alan. He says that whatever I do, is rendered OK,

constitutionally, if it’s in the national interest. It’s only logical that whatever’s in my interest therefore, is OK.”

“Susan announced after Thursday’s session, she’ll vote in favor of witnesses. Mitt’s expected to follow suit. If Lamar goes down

as a no the chances of Democrats succeeding in their hunt for new witnesses, dim. Still, a disgruntled John Bolton is in town.”

“Lamar’s out. He’ll vote no to any new witnesses. Still, a disgruntled John Bolton is in town. Susan is an aye. Mitt is an aye also.

Indecisive, is Lisa. Profiles in courage await them, that star … with Vladimir and me, in our telling, of MAYDAYS, also.”

“It was Mitch’s idea to muscle through a
wildly unpopular vote to suppress all
evidence and to follow it by a vote
to acquit — sly —
robbing my outcome of the legitimacy I
crave. It would instead be widely seen as
a cover-up. I always so wanted to testify.”
“Two hours of closing arguments. Then a vote on calling witnesses. If the Senate rejects that option, the chamber would move finally
toward a vote on judgment on the two impeachment articles against me. And there is no way 2/3 of my guys vote, to oust me.”

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