“John’s announcement of a publication date for a tell-all memoir, entitled ‘The Room Where It Happened’ following so closely on

the heels of Adam’s warning to the @GOP senators, upon resting his prosecution of me — just days ago — smacks … of collusion.”

“Kim’s provoking me with a missile and Xi is attacking me with a coronavirus. And Jared’s Mid-East Peace Plan goes on display, today.

All at the behest of Sleepy Joe. Timing like that smacks of deep state international collusion. The book of John dismays.”

“The White House has had a copy of John’s book in its possession for nearly four weeks. Still — every Republican — on the planet,

save John, got blindsided by this high-explosive bombshell. Dare, I ask: Did anyone at my White House even bother to read it?”

“Someone — I fear, is — sabotaging, me. Did anyone read John’s book? And who else, besides one like Acting Chief of Staff Mick

Mulvaney, might have, either inadvertently or purposely, not assigned it to be read? Might it have been Chief of Staff … Mick?”

“However the question of witnesses is resolved there is no doubt in the minds of most men that I will be acquitted in the end.

Tho it would take only a simple majority vote to call witnesses, a 2/3vote is required for — in conviction — this trial, to end.”

“I harbor doubt, about acquittal. Recall the story of the Dutch boy and the dike. Had it not been for the brave boy, his country,

calamity, would have suffered. Once things begin leaking, there’s oft no way to stem the leaking, short of killing the leaky.”

“Once things begin leaking, there’s oft no way to stem the leaking, short of, killing, the leaky. Assassinations, political. At times, sometimes,

timely stitches in time, save lives later. Vlad’s got a lot to lose even if Bolton but weakens me, over time.”

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