Presidential succession may depend on what the Vice President knew and when he knew it. Answers to these questions determining the president,

interim, should Don resign, or otherwise, not run. Deciding between them which of them, may become, the president.

Is it possible that more than 20 Republican senators will vote to convict Don of articles of impeachment? Around Swamp

Washington one senses — it — may happen. Impeachment and removal; an occupational hazard; for whoever’s draining, Washington’s … Swamp.

Elite negligence and malfeasance in the face of national decline is become, a core, issue. Impeachment, distracts, from that. ‘Tis time.

Time, to move on. On to issues, more existential. Like climate and migration. ‘Tis, Don believes, well, past, time.

“‘Tis long past the time when men ought have begun to address the fatal paradigm we live in and replace it with His; the paradigm, He intends.

‘Tis time. Time, to move on. On to issues, more existential. Like climate and migration. So, He Doth … Intend.”

The words tweeted (in 280 characters) just previously, were spoken by Don just last night; from when he spoke about the paradigms,

we live in; in the context of, impeachment, proceedings. ‘Tis time, to move on — President Donald says — to another paradigm.

Move on from the ruling sovereign royalty — your Kings and your Queens towards — your Scriptures’ ancient and venerable, Rules,

Golden. Assad for one, says Don’s transparency makes him the “best American president,” ever. Witness in Syria, he yet … rules.

Ruthlessly ruling in Syria is Bashar. Thanks to Russia, in the main. And to Iran. And now, belatedly, to President Don, also. President Don‘s

calling in his markers; to get re-elected president he’s calling on Bashar, to investigate Joe Biden and … his son.

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