MAYDAY 1483: TUESDAY, JULY 23, 2019

Did President Don misspeak yet again today? Or just let loose yet another, lie? Touting a ‘secret plan to swiftly win the war, against the Taliban, in Afghanistan,

at a cost of but ten million lives, he’s blabbed (perhaps), plans, to nuke … Afghanistan.

Good advice, for the Dems. Neither preach nor teach; ye must impeach. Don’t give speeches; ye must impeach. If the law is breached ye must impeach.

If not a reach ye must impeach. If no day at the beach (and, it won’t be) … STILL … YE MUST … IMPEACH.

Good advice for Bob: Ye hold more than the fate of our democracy in your hands — in this — your climactic, role. There’s a larger picture, to consider.

For reasons, mystical. For reasons, metaphysical. There is a far larger, picture to dutifully, consider.

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