MAYDAY 1457: MONDAY, JULY 1, 2019

Faultlessly complicit (mostly), is the news media in what’s happening. Whether due to undue deference or a sense of helplessness, criminality,

protected by immunity, diplomatic, fosters acting with impunity. Enter, the dragon; the Don-toxin’s … toxicity.

Enter, the dragon. Enter, The Don. Don’s set for a 3rd meeting with Kim at the border village of Panmunjom. It may be brief. Just “a warm handshake,

but that’s OK,” Don said, today. “A handshake, means a lot.” Or demean, a lot. Defer, to Don‘s hand, shake.

A handshake may mean a lot. And demean a lot. Defer by all means to The Donald’s hand, shake. Make no mistake. Those shaking his hand, in

nonfiction, may best, Faust. Accomplishing in nonfiction, what Faust only accomplished, in fiction. Enter, the dragon.

Enter, the dragons; two battle-hardened warriors, exchanging, handshakes. The attention we accord it, is disproportional to the attention, it

merits. Demeaning, to many. Meaning, much, to many. Defer, by all means, from President Don’s handshake. Fear, it

Defer by all means, from the President’s handshake. Fear, it, when enter the dragons; two battle-hardened warriors, exchanging, handshakes.

Once upon a time, champions, to settle for nations their issues with one another, in proxy, battled. Here, we shake.

Here on Urantia we shake, hands. Having evolved to wise men we are now, more civilized; deferring, from bloodletting, personal. Brainwashed

citizens, kill better. Better that we heroes, shake, hands. To rule, another day. Over, the inhumanely, brainwashed.

@FCC o/b/o @Jack @TwitterSupport: That mole that Arthur too often has to Jack, complained, is, once again, on Twitter, burrowing; undermining,

Arthur’s, populist, message to citizens, brainwashed. No cage fight’s in order if a mole, Art … is undermining.

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