MAYDAY 1386: SUNDAY, APRIL 21, 2019

When the feds finally penned Al Capone, they got him for tax evasion, not murder. “Attack on all sides,” said Sun Tsu in soirée last night. A damning

report by Bob Mueller. MAYDAYS. A self-help, book, by Art. And lots, of investigations … incriminating.

In soirée last night Don addressed us, saying, “‘Tis over. A 2-year witch hunt, over. They never found her. I’m a ‘him’, anyway. Time to turn the tables on

them Dems. But I may yet, resign. To rebrand, myself. Commit to noble … Truth and Reconciliation.”

Slack jawed. Slack were the jaws of those listening ere they hit the floor with thuds, in near unison. In a tweet, he’d crowed victory, sworn revenge,

announced his retirement and seemingly signaled, in a ‘rebranding’, some forthcoming brand new challenge.

“New challenges,” Don went on, “beckon me. Joining @AOC, @GretaThunberg and @davidhogg111.
Championing really green new deals and climate change appeals.

Combating gun violence. Planning migrant flows. Codifying, immigration. Only I, can do it, for real.”

“New challenges, beckon, to me. Only I can do it, really,” President Don, went on; nonplussed, seemingly, by the jumping

of the jaws. Better jumping jaws, than jumping walls,” The Don quipped. And he paused. For applause. And there was, a stony, silencing.

Needing an application for whistleblower protection, is Arthur. For on this soirée night, fateful, a fateful, error. An audience surprised to see one

another in one anothers’ dreams; the living leaders of the nations. Art knows: He needs … EU protection.

Art Everman needs the protection the European Union now offers to whistleblowers, from the EU. Needing an application for protection, is Arthur.

On this fateful evening, a fateful, error. Leaders of nations, listening slack jawed, to a nominal … brother.

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