MAYDAY 1350: FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 2019

Students skipping school, worldwide, to demand responsible governmental action towards addressing, climate, change. On the ides of March,

ironically, of all days. A gateway issue; to address connected issues like human migration and sex trafficking, march!

Russia’s Vlad. China’s Xi. North Korea’s Kim and The Don. The gang, of four. An evil, cabal. Four men plot for their nations, how to divide, among victors,

the spoils. Everything, in the end, will be alright. So long as the war booty goes to, the victors.

The deal’s been: The Americas to Don. From the Arctic to Antarctica. The Koreas to Kim. China and Africa to Xi. And for Vladimir, the uber crafty,

Russian, Russia, India and Europe. Urantia’s been divvied up, in secret, compacts. Remember … Helsinki?

Remember indeed, Helsinki. Recall, Don’s ass-kissing representation of US, there. And Vietnam. Where shockingly, the Don-Juan-lover, Donald, in Hanoi,

less than graciously, from their table, stood up. Mucking up, for the American team, the works, in Hanoi.

It’s bad Karma not to follow, the Golden Rule. Conversely it’s wise to treat others, as one likes, to be treated. Today, MAYDAY 1350, may surreally

mark, Mueller’s end game, for Don’s presidency. In Art’s MAYDAYS, the Watcher is Bob Mueller, allegorically.

Everything past; everything present; everything in futures, too (having happened (then), too), literally, string connected to encompassing, presents.

Pasts and futures, in circuit, connected. Arthur presents to thee, Twitter’s algorithm, as present.

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